About me and my company

Main Character in Swedish Fishing TV show and founder of Swedish top quality tackle brands

My name is Johan Broman, I was born in Stockholm in the mid 60’s and I’ve been fishing all around the world since I learned how to walk. After finishing my MBA at the University of Stockholm in the early 90’s I worked a few years in the marketing and advertising business. After that I started Eco Weight – the environmentally friendly sinker, a little later the outlet tackle shop Fishit.com and after that the high quality tackle brand Bromanodell. Nowadays though, I have nothing what so ever to do with any of those companies.

Instead i run my own company in the business since May 2009, Johan Broman Tackle & Event AB. Mainly I do guided fishing trips in Sweden and abroad, spinning and flyfishing classes,  some fishing tv for Swedish and Finnish television and some developing and designing of various high quality fishing tackle.

During the last few years, Swedish and Finnish anglers have learned to know me as main character in the fishing tv shows ”fiskeDRAG” (fishingACTION) and ”Fiske – lite djupare” (Fishing – a little deeper) which on and off is still sent on Swedish TV4, TV4 Plus and TV4 Sport and on Finnish Yle.

A few years ago though, I left those shows and started to produce a new fishing and travelling show for Swedish TV12 and TV4 Sport – ”Fiskedestination” (Destination Fishing). The first season was sent on TV12 and TV4 Sport during spring 2014, the second season is sent during 2015 and the third season will be recorded during 2015 and sent during 2016.

I live in Österskär a few miles north from Stockholm City and I have two wonderful sons Joel och Elias. I have my office at home and my boat in the bay in front of my house, with the Great Nothern Pike and the Sea Trout just around the corner.

With me as a guide, You have among the very best shots there is to catch big Baltic Pike, Sea Trout, Pikeperch/Zander and Perch in the waters around Stockholm.

I look forward to hearing from You.

Sincerely Yours,