Fish Lappland with me

You don’t have to go to New Zealand, North America or Patagonia to experience true wilderness and great fishing for Salmonides. We have it all here in Sweden. Its name is Lappland.

With a lot of travelling in my luggage, to me the saying Gone well, but home is best, is true. In my point of view Lappland is more or less unbeatable both when it comes to nature and fishing. Just a few other places on earth offer such a wilderness, with snowy mountain tops and cristal clear rivers and lakes everywhere. And the rich populations of big, wild and powerful Salmon, Trout, Grayling and Artic Char make this a paradise for the keen angler.

To experience Lappland at its best though, You need help. Wilderness demands both respect and knowledge to show its best sides. Because of this, only together with the very best local adventure companies and guides up north, from a few years back, every year I arrange with four or five different exclusive fishing trips to the very best rivers there are in Sweden.

So, please let me and my partners give You the fishing experience of Your life. And please mail or call me for more information if You are interested.